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Naked & Unashamed

Forest Trees

"My mama didn't know that she was naked. That is the way she was since creation. The natural way to be..My mama didn't have any clothes on 500 years ago, but she didn't have any super markets and she didn't have any doctors, she didn't have any hospitals, she did not have any disease. Her diet was consistent with her cellular predisposition."

-Dr. Sebi

Jungle Mama is the reminder; we should embrace mother nature finding our way back we heal ourselves of the illnesses that have come attached to this colonized way of living. Mama was told she was naked, wild, and a savage. But what is wrong with mama being natural, unruly, and primitive? They call people of the jungle savages with a sense of arrogance. As if there is something wrong with mama being a savage. Savage means; of an animal or force of nature that is uncontrolled, untamed, or wild. Mama was the way her creator envisioned and she was healthy and happy.

As we go on our journey to better health mentally, physically, and spiritually, we must go back to what our naked mother ate. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Diet and herbal remedies have always played a major role in the healing solutions of our ancestors. For too long we have turned our backs on the herbs that are healing to the body. Plants that grow untamed in the jungle are savages. As savage people, we must utilize these savage herbs mother nature has provided. Welcome home.



Meet the Founder of Jungle Mama LLC

Mara Cherry is a Nutritionist, Medicine Woman, and Plant-Lover. She created Jungle Mama in 2020 to offer natural healing solutions that reconnect people to their ancestral healing practices.. She has had proven success in helping people heal themselves of migraine headaches, nutritional deficiencies, uterine fibroids, parasites, insomnia, anxiety, menstrual irregularities, and more. Being a black woman raised..

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