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5 Ways to Find Balance For Fall Equinox

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Fall Equinox is when the day and night are the same length of time, which signals a significant time of balance. Summer is coming to a close. Summer was filled with activities, sunbathing, and connection to the outdoors. Embrace the Fall Equinox and find balance with the season.

1) Harvest

Traditionally, we'd give thanks for an abundant harvest of food, but the same can be said for our emotions. Harvest and acknowledge what makes you feel happy, sad, loved, angry, etc. This is the time of balance of light and dark, day and night. This is reflective in us. Find balance. Affirm an abundant harvest of your emotions and feelings.

2) Heal

The Summer was a time of action and movement. As you come inside more, refocus on yourself and ask yourself is your health where you'd like it to be. Is there a balance between your focus on your eating habits and your exercise? Regarding your mental health, have you been suppressing your emotions? Now that you've harvested your emotions, face them and come to terms with how you feel.

3) Nest

We are spending more time inside, so make sure your home is welcoming and peaceful. Organize you space. Let go and cleanse what is no longer serving you as we welcome in newness in life. Deep cleaning welcomes room for abundance.

4) Meditate

While we physically go in, we mentally go in more as well. The balance of light and dark means we have the opportunity to connect with all parts of ourselves. The parts we like and don't like. This allows us to better know ourselves as a whole. Meditation is therapeutic in helping to "deal" with these feelings coming to surface. Find a quiet space, get comfortable, focus on your breathing, and as your mind wonders bring it back to your breathing.

5) Channel Your Energy

The Summer has just charged us full of sun energy. There's no better source of energy than the sun and we have just experienced a full charge. What are you going to do with this? Make some moves! Make changes in your life. Move towards goals. Make it happen!

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