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5 Ways to Shrink Your Fibroids

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Uterine fibroids are way too common among women of color. If left untreated can result in surgery or fertility issues. Once it is established that you have fibroids or ovarian cysts, the doctor will normally either suggest hormone treatment or surgery. The surgery will either remove the fibroids or the uterus all together, depending on the severity. The problem with simply removing the fibroids is that this surgery doesn't address the cause. Thus, the fibroids can come back and grow again. Not to mention the reproductive issues it may lead to. The other surgery that will be offer is the removal of the uterus. Your womb is not only for making babies. Your womb is sacred! Before committing to a surgical procedure, address the fibroids and cysts by changing your diet, being more physically active, taking herbal remedies, etc. Jungle Mama offers Myoma tea for fibroids and ovarian cysts.

Watch the customer affirmation for a testimonial from a queen who had a fibroid that measured 6 cm.

Customer Affirmation: Fibroids (Myoma Tea, part 1)

Customer Affirmation: Fibroids (Myoma Tea, part 2)

1) Diet Change

For the best results while using Jungle Mama products, switching to the African Bio-mineral diet is key. At the very least the woman must remove all diary products, soy, meats, and refined sugar. The goal is to remove products that will impact the woman's hormonal levels or offers a high intake of sugar. You should introduce dark leafy greens into your diet, drink at least half of your weight in ounces of Spring water a day, stay away from fried foods, alcohol, and caffeine. If you are looking for a coffee alternative you can try a hot beverage of Chaga Mushroom, Burdock Root, and Sarsaparilla. These herbs will taste similar to coffee, give you energy, cleanse your blood, liver, great for your skin, and high in iron.

2) Herbal Tea

Attack the fibroids with some savage herbs that assist your body in shrinking and getting rid of these unwanted growths that are causing you unnecessary pain and discomfort. Jungle Mama's Myoma Tea is meant to shrink fibroids and cysts, strengthen the uterus, improve the health of the reproductive system, supply the body with vital nutrients like Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and more.

3) Exercise

Get ya tale up and move! Being overweight or lacking physical activity is linked to fibroid growth. This may not be a direct cause of the fibroids, being active will help your body function better in general. Help your body reset and cleanse itself with some exercise each week.

3) Study Your Birth Control

If you are taking birth control, are they impacting your hormones? Some birth controls may have a high amount of estrogen in them. This on top of the hormones in the food is a recipe for fibroids. If you choose to take birth control, consider looking into some non-hormonal options.

4) Relieve Stress

Stress doesn't do the body good. Stress can be impacting your hormonal levels. Do you recognize what stresses you out? Does your body send you signals when you're stressed? Listen to them. If you are able to make changes to get this stress out of your life, make a plan to do so. You cannot always control what is making you feel stressed, but you can control how you handle it. Do you have an outlet? EVERYONE, no matter the level of stress in their life, needs some kind of outlet so it doesn't built and tear away at the body. What did you used to like to do as a child? What was the most fun you've ever had? Think of what puts you at ease or a smile on your face and try doing this when life gets a bit overwhelming in the moment.

5) Spiritual Healing Ritual

The healing is not simply physical. The fibroid(s) is located in the 2nd Chakra. The 2nd Chakra relates to passion, pleasure, change, career, creative products, money, and one-on-one relationships. There may be tension in the 2nd Chakra. Are you happy in your relationship, job, money? What's is standing in the way of you manifesting what you aspire to have in these areas of your life? What have you been holding on to? This has been draining your energy much like the fibroid(s). When we let go, we welcome in new. It's time to heal from past experiences and let go so you can reach what you truly want. Speak health in your daily routine.

"I have a healthy and sacred womb. I am thankful for all that has been given to be, bad or good. I am fulfilled in my life."

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