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Mama's Picks

What do you give to the woman that's given life and love? Health. Pay it forward with providing her the tools to a more optimal life, feeling healthy and happy. 

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The scent everyone is talking about

Smell good without offending anyone with an overpowering fragrance. The Original Jungle Mama perfume oil features a semi-sweet pleasant blend of natural musk, woody aroma, and exotic gardenia notes. This unisex scent leaves a gentle lingering aroma for all that have been graced by your presence.*

For a great deal, check out the Perfume Oil Set.

Wildcrafted & Organic

Ancestral Practice

100% Vegan


John, MA

"Although we've never met, you've really changed my entire life and perspective of the human body and I thank you for that, forever appreciate you."

Incense & Ritual Cleansing

Aromatherapy is an overlooked and underappreciated form of natural healing. It is the use of aromatic plants to promote health and well-being. It's beneficial on a physical and emotional level. Through the use of incenses, oils, sage, and palo santo; Jungle Mama offers aromatic healing.

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